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Czech and Poland Ahoy!

Czech and Poland Ahoy! In the geographical centre point of Europe, beautiful cycling in Czech, the Dubcek/ Havel debate(!) during a striptease, and entering Poland through the back door. Already I like the country.

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War Legacies and Wagner

War legacy and Wagner – Wagner’s dog Mark, a fat gecko, hairy German WWII stories and emasculation, smokey bacon beer and getting fed up with meandering German cycle paths!

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Riding the Rhine

Riding the Rhine – first serious test for rain gear, route plan in doubt after being hosted by cycle travellers back from New Zealand, taken by Frankfurters to be panhandling vagrant (I’m actually not) before finding welcomes and hospitality.

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French bakers and Trappist monasteries

Continuing the cycle across N France and into Belgium I meet lovely folks, settle in to some really enjoyable cycling, and benefit from Trappist hospitality – and strong beer!

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Vive La France

Departure – Ireland 27 April 2013.   It was Saturday and I was booked onto the Rosslare-Cherbourg ferry in the evening. A last minute packing of the panniers – relieved it all fitted – a big fry and I was off. A neighbour Fran rang to say my departure made the news on KCLR radio, …

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Kilkenny Reporter Article

Kilkenny Reporter

The Kilkenny Reporter recently featured the Biycycle to Burma project and highlighted the causes … Click on the image to view the article.

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Coming soon

I’ll be starting my blog soon … stay tuned ….

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