About Me

FB pic3I’m Hugh Bergin and I cycled from Kilkenny to Burma. The journey is being used to raise funds for and the profile of two charities both local – one educational NGO in Burma, the other a hospice in Kilkenny. All donations go to the charities, I am financing the journey myself.

I don’t have a ready answer to the often-asked question… a bemused “why”? Only that – I can, with little in the way of commitments. Most of my adult life has been spent on the move. For four years I worked as an expedition leader in Asia and South America with a British travel company, and in 2008 I was the first Irishman (so I’m told) to travel around Africa by motorbike, down the west coast and back up the east for the Irish-based NGO Self Help Africa.

bike tentwww.Kilkenny to Capetown.com – which includes my reports for The Irish Times and other newspapers – covers the the journey down the west coast, and www.Lap of Africa.com the return journey home back up the east coast.

This journey is by bicycle. There appears to be a progression here. I’m wondering if I’m next destined to attempt a long walk.

FB Bike picAfter the Africa adventure I completed an MA in Development Studies with Kimmage DSC, since then doing consultancy work for the college and for Oxfam Ireland.



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